WildWash Ethical product award Gift Bag, Fragrance No.1 Shampoo and Perfume, Healing Paw Balm and Conditioner
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WildWash PRO Fragrance No.1 Gift Set

Fragrance No.1 Gift Set:


Our Fragrance No.1 Gift Set is beautifully presented in a WildWash Gift Bag with a natural ribbon bow. This kit will ensure a natural and luxurious head to toe WildWash grooming experience for your four legged friend. There are four products in this set:


WildWash Fragrance No.1 Shampoo 300ml for Beauty and Shine with Ylang Ylang is both balancing and regulating, ensure healthy growth, good texture, hydration and shine. 


Prior to shampooing, brush hair to loosen dirt and detangle coat using WildWash Detangle as necessary. Completely wet coat with warm water.  Apply WildWash shampoo and massage gently through the coat, avoiding the eye area. For optimum results, leave on for a few minutes to allow the botanicals and essential oils to do their work. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary. Follow with WildWash Conditioner


WildWash Conditioner 300ml with Shea Butter, Coconut and Rose Oil have emollient properties to hydrate the hair and skin. They reduce loss of protein, regain hair’s natural moisture, improve elasticity, prevent breakage and add texture, body and sheen.


After shampooing with WildWash Shampoo, rinse thoroughly.  On a wet coat apply WildWash Conditioner generously and massage in gently. Leave on for a couple of minutes to allow for absorption of the botanicals and essential oils and for the maximum hydration of skin and coat. Rinse off completely with warm water. Follow with WildWash Perfume.



WildWash Fragrance No.1 Perfume 200ml with Ylang Ylang has a luscious sweet lemony scent, both fresh and floral that is light and revitalising.


Spray directly onto to a dry coat avoiding the eyes to impart a wonderful, long lasting fragrance. For the pet owner or professional groomer the WildWash Fragrance Perfume adds the finishing touch to every dog’s bath time. Contains only totally natural botanical fragrances so can be used as often as wished.


WildWash Healing Paw Balm with Sweet Almond Oil, Frankincense and Kanuka 60ml is a super conditioning paw treatment  that will relieve your dogs’ cracked, dry and rough paws and protect them from everyday wear and tear. It is great for use in extreme weather conditions and affords protection against; hot pavements, road grit, ice and salt. This wonder product can also be used to moisturise nails, dry noses and treat calloused elbows and dry patches. WildWash Healing Paw Balm contains natural, human grade ingredients and is completely safe for your pet to lick.

WildWash Healing Paw Balm has been hand blended with carefully chosen ingredients to enhance the health and comfort of your dogs’ paws.

It contains Sweet Almond Oil, which is extremely rich in Vitamin E, a perfect moisturiser which is easily absorbed into your pets’ pads, Frankincense  which is a well known skin tonic and Kanuka, which was originally used by the Maori people of New Zealand to treat skin diseases; especially foot infections.  



Directions: Massage into Paw Pads. Allow to absorb, leaving a light coat of

protection. For best results use daily. Can also be used on nails, noses and any

dry or calloused skin. This natural product is completely safe for your dog

to lick.


WildWash Fragrance No.1 Gift Set
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