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We’d like to introduce Short Bark and Sides………

Dog Grooming short bark and sides natural pet shampoo

Tell us a bit about your company?

Here at Short Bark And Sides we treat every dog like our own.

We are a family run dog grooming spa & boutique based in Worcester Park, Surrey, With fully qualified & insured groomers who will ensure your dogs experience is a positive and loving one.


We offer a wide range of grooming treatments to suit all breeds & coat types, including some luxury spa packages for when your pooch needs a little extra rejuvenation.

We only use WildWash products within the salon to keep your pooches skin & coat in the best condition it possibly can be.


We also stock a wide range of all natural healthy treats, hand made collars & leads, doggy accessories and plenty of the latest toys to get those tails wagging in our pet boutique.


Our goal is to get dogs enjoying being professionally groomed and making them want to come back for another pamper session !



What would your customers say is the best thing about coming to your store?

All of our customers  comment on how comfortable we make them and their pooches feel when visiting us, but the main thing owners really appreciate is the design of the salon, our layout is totally open plan and every stage of the grooming process can be viewed, from our bathing stations, grooming tables and where we play with the dogs after, nothing is hidden or undercover, we are confident and proud of our grooming and expertise and we want everybody to see just how relaxed and happy dogs can be in a grooming environment. 



Tell us your funniest pet related story?

Our shop dog Prince, a standard poodle, is a complete attention seeker and wants everyone to make a fuss of him. He does however constantly get mistaken for a girl, ( probably because he looks like a giant marshmallow and often has his toe nails painted !) everyone makes a fuss saying “oh isn't she lovely” “whats her name” etc as soon as he turns around to give you his butt (favourite scratching spot) customers quickly notice something that only male dogs have !! The faces of some of the people are hilarious when they realise this big pansy with painted nails and his hair tied up is a boy gets us every time.



List your top favourite products that you sell?

1)WildWash Sensitive Coat Shampoo… we absolutely love this shampoo because not only does it smell amazing, it can be used on any dog / cat, even ones with the most itchy, sensitive sore skin, it really does soothe the skin and leave the coat feeling lovely. So we love recommending it to customers who's dogs have previously reacted to not so good shampoo.


2)Urban Hound collars & leads are definitely one of our favourite things we have, they are all hand made in Essex and are totally unique, we love all the designs and there nothing like it around, people seem to love the quirky fabrics and how high the quality is. My dogs will never have anything else from now on ! 



If you and your dog were to have a night out together where would they choose to take you? 

Carrianns dogs, Prince (standard poodle ) & Lola’s ( Bichon ) ideas of heaven would probably be a all you can eat buffet of some sort ! They wouldn't have a preference on what type of food as long as its edible, to be honest anything is edible in their eyes, so defiantly a buffet !

Max, ( Welsh Terrier ) Emma’s dog is a serial fox & squirrel chaser so his idea of a night out would most likely involve going somewhere to run around like a mad man chasing them with Emma chasing after him !




For more information email, call 020 8337 0060 or visit their facebook page ShortBarkandSidesshop. Short Bark and Sides, 157 Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8DT.