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We’d like to introduce PetBase……

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Tell us a bit about your company?

PetBase is an online store and community, dedicated to everything dog! Every product we sell, every blog or article we write is inspired by your dog. We travel around the world to find great new products for our canine customers. We find super useful products which we love ourselves as devoted dog owners.

Our aim is to build a community for dog owners, where stories and experiences can be shared with each other. We offer great advice and support for you and your dog, throughout their lifetime. PetBase was born from overwhelmed and frustrated puppy owners, unable to find products and advice from one reliable source.



What would your customers say is the best thing about coming to your store?

Our customers like our no-nonsense approach. As dog owners ourselves, they know that we will not simply offer everything and anything when it comes to product ranges. They understand and appreciate that we take extra time and care to select great products, testing them on our own dogs first. If you visit our Instagram or Facebook site you will see lots of pictures of Tink, our little French Bulldog who is Head of Product Testing.


Like all of us, we want the best for our dogs. Whether you visit our online store for quality products, friendly customer service or our advice, you will receive excellent service. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond in everything we do.



Tell us your funniest pet related story?

Collecting my new puppy Tink from the breeder, we had to stop on the way home to pick up some urgent puppy pads, as in my excitement I had completely forgotten! I had her on my lap while my other half ran into the pet shop. I thought I would let her stretch her little legs for a minute and let her explore the inside of the car while we waited. When my other half got back into the car he realised that he had just sat in something very wet. I was unaware (or was I !!) that she had weed all over the drivers seat. I was not in his good books!



List your top favourite products that you sell?

We love the WildWash Fragrance No 1 Shampoo and perfume. There is no better way to make sure your pup is smelling amazing after bath time, while feeling confident that all the ingredients are 100% natural. Knowing that nothing that can irritate or harm your dogs skin! A perfect gift duo for your pooch.

We are also really excited about the launch of Pawsecco Freeze Pops! The Pawsecco Wine, in a freeze pop, what more could your dog want to stay cool throughout the summer!


If you and your dog were to have a night out together where would they choose to take you? 

The older and more mature member of the PetBase office team is Oscar, a distinguished Hungarian Vizsla. If Oscars bank account could stand it (at present, he has just two bacon and cheese flavoured treats in his account) he would probably take me on a night out in Venice so that we could share a few quiet hours together.

We would dress up, Oscar in his red shiny coat, groomed from top to tail and me in my party dress. We would take a gondola ride down the canal Grande, talk about our life together, Oscar with the latest Pawsecco freeze pop and me with a glass of vintage Dom Perignon 1959 champagne.

With any luck, my partner will read this and get the hint. You can always live in hope!!!




For more information email, call 07788262712 or visit their website: