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Pet Shop Natural Dog Shampoo

Tell us a bit about your company?

Based on the high street in Carnoustie, in the North East of Scotland, Millie’s Pet Services provides dog grooming and a wide range of dog food, treats, accessories for your best furiend!  Think colour and fun!

We are a mum and daughter team who have a joint love of spaniels.  I’m Vicky and I tend to take care of the shop and the business management and my mum, Shirley, takes care of grooming). Recently, we’ve taken on our first part time employee Vanessa who has three gorgeous labs herself and can’t wait to celebrate our 1st bark day on the 19th September.  It seems to have flown by but we’ve loved every moment of it.


What would your customers say is the best thing about coming to your store?

Our most regular comment from anyone who visits us is first surprise that we don’t look like a normal pet store.    We have a ban on using slat walls and instead have brightly painted furnitures my favourite pink dresser and bunting too.  We love having fun with our window displays from giant unicorns (well it was Christmas) to surfing dogs!


They love that while we’ll provide advice and help around dog food, nutrition and accessories we firmly believe that everyone is different. Our aim is to provide advice based around a dog owners lifestyle and their pooches needs too.  Ultimately as a dog owner, you know your dog best and you’ll never find us ‘dictate’ a particular approach or product.


Our grooming customers on the other hand, love how open and transparent we are and that we provide 1:1 grooming.  With an open viewing area, it’s really helped build up trust and we work with a number of owners who previously felt their dog may not be suitable to be groomed. More than rewarding!


Tell us your funniest pet related story?

On a holiday in Cornwall, while walking to Crantock beach, we found ourselves on a narrow road with no paths. Millie did of course choose to perch herself in the middle of road for a poo and caused a small traffic jam!


While a little embarrassed the car drivers let her take her time and were good humoured about it! My friends managed to get a few photos of her traffic stopping manoeuvre!


Honestly, I seem to have a selection of poo stories about Millie! She seems to have this habit of poo’ing at the most inappropriate times ;0)


List your top favourite products that you sell?


Our Wildwash Dog Shampoo for Deep Cleaning and Deodorising is by far my favourite! With a springer spaniel who loves to roll in dead stuff and fox poo, it's the only thing that truly takes away that stinky smell out of her coat and her collar too!  


It was Millie’s love of rolling in stinky stuff that helped us find Wildwash several months before we opened Millie's Pet Services. So it was only right that we opted to use both in our groomers and sell in the shop too!  


We’ve also become huge fans of Dogrobes. Having tested lots of different versions, they have no velcro fastenings and dry quickly. These are a must for Millie and our family spaniels who seem to love getting wet and our customers have loved them!


We’ve built up a little collection at home and have our eye on the new camouflage dogrobe next!


Dogrobes -



If you and your dog were to have a night out together where would they choose to take you? 

I’m pretty lucky as Millie and I have lots in common that we love: Food, beaches and sleep!


Our pawfect night out would be spending it under the stars on a beach.  We’re thinking beach hut, hot chocolate and a cosy fire as the sun goes down. Though I suspect that would all be after a few hours of playing fetch in the water - even if she was taking me, I’d have no choice but to indluge ;0)

Where? Well… I think we’d have to head back to Cornwall and to Lusty Glaze Beach. They have this amazing beach cottage which Millie loved and you pretty much have the beach to yourself at nights.  


Please visit Millies Pet Services at 69 High Street, Carnoustie, Angus, DD7 6AD or visit their website